Repair or Replace

We understand that it can be difficult to decide if your damaged windshield needs to be replaced or repaired. At Mel’s, we help you through this decision to make sure it is the best choice for you.


Windshield repairs are a more affordable option that is completed at no cost to you because they are covered by most insurance companies!  This repair restores the windshield’s structural integrity back to 100%. Our highly trained repair technicians are also able to reduce the visibility of a windshield chip making it a lot less noticeable. A windshield repair will not make the chip disappear completely but it may become much less noticeable and prevent the chip from spreading into a full replacement.

A windshield chip that can be successfully repaired is often about the size of a quarter or less. This chip is a gap in between the two layers of glass that your windshield is made from. This gap contains air, dirt, and broken glass that must all be removed and then filled in with resin in order to restore the windshields structural integrity.  If you wait too long to repair your windshield it will get bigger and your only option will be a full windshield replacement.We utilize a state-of-the-art windshield repair tool to remove these contaminants out of the chip so that the repair resin properly flows to the point of defect. Windshield repairs are highly dependable and completely restore the chipped glass. Mel’s Auto Glass uses only the highest quality windshield repair resin that withstands all environmental extremes so we happily warrant our repairs for the life of your windshield.


If the windshield damage is larger than a quarter, replacing your windshield will be necessary. We are very experienced in repairs and committed to do everything that we can in order to save you money, but once a chip grows too big they become impossible to repair and must be replaced.


Mel’s wants to make your replacement experience as quick and painless as possible. We are able to do this through experienced technicians, mobile service, and quality materials.

As Cincinnati’s largest automotive glass company, we inventory a large selection of windshields so we can replace your broken glass as soon as possible, no waiting for parts. Mel’s Auto Glass also utilizes the fastest drying adhesive in the industry allowing you to drive your vehicle one hour after installation. Your safety is important to us!

Have more questions about our auto glass replacement and windshield repair safety practices? We would be glad to talk you though it at one of the numbers below.